big problem with the Comodo Internet Security 5.0.162636

Hi. I have a big problem with the Comodo Internet Security 5.0.162636
I have two windows7 (one ultimate and one pro) installed, one on my labtop and the other one on my desktop. When I installed the update from the comodo firewall and restarted the windows then I noticed many things don’t work. For example I couldn’t open any file, either it was the control panel or the picture file and etc…
When I would click on the icons on the task bar, some of them couldn’t open like Opera and babylon.
(I did download the right comodo version for my pc 32-bit, I even disabled my antiviruses for any conflict) I have a Avira on the win7 ultimate and kaspersky on the win7 pro.
This happened to the both of my pc’s so I uninstalled the comodo and installed from the exe file but again it was the same. on one aucation the comodo even deleted my restore point too so I couldn’t restore back.
Then I tried to install from the internet security exe file and I even installed the internet security itself (I did uninstalled my Antivirus before that) but the result was the same. I’m sure there is a problem because It didn’t work on any of my computers.
Let me mention this that after the installation if I would right click on a file (for the drop down list) then the explorer would crash and asking me to restart the explorer (not the pc) and after the restarting it everything was seemed ok but I had to do the same thing every time I would restart the pc which takes long time.
Now I still have got problem coz I down graded to the other version of comodo but on boot up the internet connection takes long time to connect.

I hope this info can help at least for the other or can be repaired.
Thanks Dario

this is really strange.
I have an XP and I got a smooth update.
Wish you good luck.

Since you tried quite a few things it is very hard to say what could be going on. Best would be if you could start with a clean installation and then see what happens.

To start clean uninstall, reboot and run this clean up tool. Now try installing again.

If you want to keep your configuration export it before uninstalling from under More → Manage My Configurations.