BIG PROBLEM!!!! [Resolved]

OK this is what happened: I disabled Avast!, tried CAV. Had to restart. After restart, I found out that the Avast! disabling didn’t carry over a restart, and so I had two AV’s running. You may be able to guess what happened…

I need to reinstall CIS, but it won’t. So does anyone know where the uninstall utility is, for CIS? Please?

Sorry I didn’t give much info, but I’m late for something and have to hurry.


Start Menu - Programs - COMODO - COMODO Internet Security - Uninstall or Upgrade.

Take a look at;msg216001#msg216001 and see if any of that helps. CIS is notoriously difficult to remove completely and doesn’t really have an external uninstall utility like avast! if the standard uninstall from control panel doesn’t work, but not all of the residual is harmful. To disable avast!, you actually need to stop all of the on access providers, and even then it may conflict with CIS and need to be uninstalled instead. So you may need to remove both avast! and cis and then reinstall your preferred configuarion.

Hang on… this isn’t for one of your guides is it Jeremy? :wink:

First, this isn’t for a guide.

And the normal uninstall wasn’t working. I’ll look at that topic.

Maybe you can use the avast! uninstaller like Vettetech suggested.


Update: everything is fixed now. Had to download the CIS installer again, because I couldn’t uninstall. Reinstalled CIS (FW only), everything back to the old, partly corrupted Windows. :BNC