Big Installation File [3.9]

Why is the installation file so big, compared to previous installation - 75 vs 35 MB ?
Is it because of translations added in 3.9 or what?

Will there be a smaller installation file including only english language?

The translation files are very small. They are not responsible for the huge size.

But I also would like a response.

I know that the installer there are many duplicate files. They are duplicated in the installer or is copied twice, as would be logical?

And the compression? The old zip, or something more modern like 7zip? That was obvious in the first beta, but not today.

It’s due to all the signatures, look in the scanners folder in the CIS installation folder - one .cav file is huge.

LeoniAquila, Hmmm… And just after fresh install, Comodo 3.9 downloaded updates (approx. 40Mbs of antiviral bases). It’s hard to understand this ???

COMODO updates in big chunks, cos they don’t use incremental updates :-TD