BIG conflict between comodo and ATK


Anybody who is in charge of this please help us-the user of ASUS and CFP v3!

I’m a big fan of comodo and I really love comodo Firewall V3. I have two ASUS laptops. If I even install the CFP v3 on the clean Vista(only with the drivers), the shut down become very very very slow!

Therefore, I tried many times to uninstall the drivers one by one on both of my two ASUS laptops. Finally, I found that the ATK hotkey driver conflicts with CFP v3, seriously. I try to disable CFP, no help. Only when I uninstall ATK or CFP, my laptop can shut down as fast as normal. By the way, the normal shut down is 5-10s. If I have CFP and ATK on my laptop, the shut down time is more 3-5 minutes.

Please help us!!!

(:WAV) hi there vince
errr i see your old post, i thought you’ve already solved it ???

Thank for your concern first, but I am sorry. Last time I didn’t find the right reason. I end the process “ASLDRsrv.exe” before I set the “ACMON” as a trust application, and the ASLDRsrv.exe is the main process of ATK stuff.

As my new post, the reason why I have the very slow shut down on my two ASUS laptops is ATK and CFP.

Is there anybody know how to handle this?

Hi Vince.Lan,

Please see my post at this thread.

If the problem still persists in CIS 3.5, please post in that bug report thread in the announcement.


Hi Josh,

Thank you very much! The problem is gone! (:LGH) My laptops shut down as fast as normal now, thank you again.
By the way, Is the firewall in CIS a higher version of CFP?

No problem!

And yes, The Firewall in CIS is part of the “3.5” update with MANY fixes and improvements! (:WIN)