Big Brother revisited

By courtesy of several media (here yahoo news), themselves from AFP Paris:

Funny enough that everyone says to be concerned about internet security…but leaks in the same time in “social networking”.

Everybody knows of exemples of people having not been hired because of, hmm…, an old picture of a college night on Facebook.

Note that the guy himself says, as corroborated by the “computer police”, that he has no particular computing skill but that he merely browsed various places to guess the passwords of the Twitter administrators from their comments and behaviors in these places: he is you and me.

In these conditions, where everyone in the world becomes, like this guy, able to know private things he obviously should not, one of course can understand that Britney Spears has a Twitter account, it is part of the marketing, but what about President Obama?

Doesn’t it make more sense to look as a “has been” for not participating in this “social networking” fashion then to leak your privacy to “friends” whom you know nothing of?