Big big problem, CIS stopping all 32 bit applications under Vista 64

I’ve updated to the new version of CIS this morning, and since then all 32 bit applications don’t even open, they appear for about a second in the task manager and get automatically closed.

I’ve also tried uninstalling CIS and installing it from the latest setup program, but the problem is still there. I’m not using the antivirus, just the firewall with defense+.

When I uninstall the software, the apps start normally once again.

I created a report with the script and attached it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I had same/similar issue don’t know if its just my 32 bit software or all the software. I also had same problem on the other version but is was actual caused by the proactive blocking everything but was not giving me a popup to select allow or deny even in training mode and was told there was a issue with the proactive popup messages being suppressed (maybe another term was used) in Vista 64. But then the programs were being listed as blocked but now with the newest release it shows nothing being blocked and even if I deselect proactive and have everything in training mode I still cannot get any apps to run…back to Vista firewall for me.

here is the post I had about my issue and what they had to say;msg248255#msg248255

Thanks. I have reverted to the old version for now, and disabled updates, but I would like to run the latest version. There has to be a fix for this.

I’m now running the new version. The problems I had which were the same as yours were solved by removing Ad-Aware. If your running it try removing it and installing CIS

I’m actually using it. I will try your suggestion, thanks.

Thought I’d chime in since I had the same issue. I also have CIS (Firewall w/D+ and AV in my case) and AdAware installed. Initially I also uninstalled CIS, but after reinstalling it and having the same issue I decided to try one more thing and checked the “disable D+ permanently” check box in D+ settings. Rebooted and all is well with both installed. It appears that may be an issue with D+ and AdAware, but I think its limited to Vista x64. I have both installed on an XP SP3 laptop without any issues whatsoever. I’d like to have D+ working again so hopefully a fix can be found for this.

I like the Comodo firewall but was about to give up when I found your post. I removed Ad-Aware and that solved the problem. Thanks.