Comodo Ignorance.
I’ve just recently installed Comodo (free version) after uninstalling ZoneAlarm but there are several things which I’m not sure about. Can someone answer the questions one by one and in layman’s terms ?
My Comodo Anti-Virus has 3 settings - Disabled
On Access
Question - What is the difference between the bottom 2 and which one is best and why ?
What is sandbox ?
In the Defense+ section I see the words 'unrecognized file(s) observed will be treated as Partially Limited - what does this mean ?
In the Firewall section I see the words 13 outbound connections - what does that mean ?
Also in the same section I see svchost.exe - what is that ?
clps.exe - what is that ?
netsession-win.exe - what is that ?
Also, and very important, at the start of the installation process I was given the option of (I can’t remember the exact wording) of ditching my ISP DNS server for Comodo’s DNS servers, redundant DNS servers or something. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, I unchecked the box. Didn’t want it because I wasn’t even sure what I was being asked. What did all that mean ?
Sorry, but please excuse my ignorance. At least I knew where I was with McAfee despite it’s recent problems.

As a good place to start please see my article about How to Install Comodo Firewall.

Please let me know what additional questions you have after reading it.


Have you tried reading the Help files, usually F1 or Comodo Help for CIS.