Beware of Phone scammers.

Have you ever received a call from someone with a heavy Indian accent from Microsoft saying your computer had errors or viruses? The purpose of these calls is to get an easy $299 (or whatever amount they choose) by scaring you into thinking there’s something really wrong with your computer and that they can fix it for you. These telephony scams have been going on for many years and scammers keep robbing innocent people sadly because their success ratio is still worth their time and effort. It happens that I got ‘the call’ while minding my own business on a regular work day. I immediately recognized what this was all about and decided to play the game to see how far this would go. The caller’s number did not appear on my phone, a sign that they were using some Voice over IP (VoIP) or such technology that both completely hides their identity and costs them nothing for long distance calls. This scam is a well-oiled machine which starts off with the alleged Microsoft representative asking you to turn on your computer to perform some checks for errors. They essentially make you open different applications which aren’t typically known by regular users.

Has the youtube video of someone being scammed.

I’ve gotten a call from them a few years back and they took me to one of those remote-access websites that had a warning about this very thing. I just laughed and called them out. It’s hilarious how they DENY DENY DENY whether it’s a normal guy or and IT guy (seen in a youtube video) calling them out on it. I didn’t even know they were still doing this lol.

I got a call from them a few months back, I just hung up as soon as I heard “Microsoft” not necessarily because of the Indian accent but rather because even if Microsoft would actually want to call me I wouldn’t give a ■■■■.

I believe that incidents like this can be reported through this form.

;D They have called me several times telling me they were from Microsoft and my computer was leaking information. I played with them the first couple of times they called. I kept one guy on the phone for about 10 minutes playing dumb. He thought he had me convinced, and I was going to pay them some money. :stuck_out_tongue:

The last couple of times they called I told them I don’t have a computer. That gets them off the phone quick. :wink:

If you’re in the position to report them, please report them.

Although this may be laughably funny to some of the more advanced users, the truth is that things like phone scams and phishing emails still exist because enough people do fall for them. Thus, please help shut these criminals down (and yes these are definitely criminals, not very different from those who would mug you and steal your cred it card).


I could not agree more. I feel sorry for the people who fall for such scams especially the elderly.

The problem is these people are using a Virtual PBX system with multiple call routing paths. Add to that the fact that there most likely using this system behind a VPN. In my case the calls seem to originate from New Jersey and Arizona. Theses calls could be originating from anywhere on the planet. Most likely they are from India or Pakistan. It would take a global task force to shut these people down.

I’m afraid the only defense is education on these types of scams.

I have nothing to worry about phone scammers because I can’t used the phone, why? it very simple and straight forward…I’m bloody deaf…hello…what did you say I can’t hear you, oh well ■■■■■■ off…click ;D