Beware of hey is this your skype profile pic messages

A new virus is making the rounds that is affecting the Skype communication software. The following messages are used to spread the virus: hey is this your skype profile pic or hey, is this your new profile picture, or hey, cool profile picture, is this it. Remember that it is likely that there are other variations in the wild.

The messages are followed by a shortened link using the url shortener. Depending on your security setup, clicking on the link may be enough to infect your computer with the trojan. If you get a dialog that is asking you what to do, make sure you cancel it right away and do not open or save it to your computer.

The messages may come from your contacts, if their computer is already infected with it, or strangers that try to message you.

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Worm spreading on Skype IM installs ransomware

A malicious worm spreading through Skype instant messages threatens to take control of a victim’s machine and hold its contents for ransom.

The backdoor allows a remote attacker to take control of the machine and install the ransomware, a malicious application that locks the user out of the computer via password or encryption and demands a payment, or ransom, in exchange for its contents. This particular strain demands a payment of $200 within 48 hours or risk having their files deleted.

PC users are also presented with a screen (see below) that claims the computer has been used to visit sites of a nefarious nature, including the downloading of MP3s, illegal ■■■■■■■■■■■, gambling, and illegal drugs, and threatens to send that information to the “special Department of US government” via a program called “System Cleaner,” which it claims was developed by the U.S. government “to prevent crime and illegal activity on the Internet.”

Source: Worm spreading on Skype IM installs ransomware - CNET