Hi Guys

If someone has already posted this, then I’m sorry. However, I read on several blogs and other security websites that there is a new bad ■■■ trojan making the round. If anyone us gets it, it will consequently delete all your files and folders. This trojan is termed by DrWeb as: “Trojan.KillFiles.904”. Please be careful. Now my question is, can CAV protect me from it? Has anyone encountered such a trojan?

Peace. :a0 we all need it.

It sounds nasty, I think if its in the AV DB cis will protect you, and if that files D+ should say that this certain program/file is trying to delete/modify files and folders.

this has already been reported in the malware research group threads. The best way to protect yourself against this type of threat is to go to D+ settings and make sure that disk access is check so that comodo monitors anything that is trying to mess with the hard drive.

As long as you have D+ enabled, you’re fine. I’m sure you would be able to recognize its attempts in the D+ alerts.

Phew! Sure glad I got that ticked.

Defence+ does not stop writing to the disk or deleting files unless they are in “my protected files”. I think defence+ for disk monitoring is for direct disk access only. It does not block normal disk writing.