Beware! A brand new attack is coming!

Business organizations!

A new attack is coming!

Following PoC(Proof of Concept code) is exist.

Target devices: Laptops, Mobile phones, PC etc.

Victims: Business organizations, Government agencies,
Intelligence agencies, Military agencies, research agencies etc.

How: emails, personal messengers, websites, infected programs, infected document files etc.

When you boot your laptop, it turns mic on automatically even if
mic is turned off.

1.when you open certain emails or files, the malware can be downloaded
or injected into your laptop.
(Antivirus hardly detect it)

2.many laptops have an internal Microphone. And if you connect
external mic, it doesn’t matter(because it turns mic on automatically).

3.the malware can record everthing during a strategy meeting in
your Business organizations. sends recorded files to the certain server which is pointed by
a hacker. It can be one of the botnets, one simple zombie PC,

5.After sending recorded files, it deletes recorded files automatically
without trace.

What if Antivirus tries to detect it?
It deletes everything itself which is installed in your laptop including
recorded voice files.

How to protect it?
Normal Antivirus tools can’t protect you, especially based on Signatures, heuristics.
You must use a Firewall based on HIPS.
CIS can protect you safely!

I’m glad my internal mic is so fuzzy. 88)

;D ;D ;D
Blame DELL.
Buy an external sound card for the recording.