better use of sandbox

hello ,
Comodo in new version has developed a state of the art sandbox which i used innovatively
i put all the browsers and messengers in it as partially limited . i think it can enhance the default security.
comments and review please
If found useful Comodo can by default put these thins insandbox automatically

i am running opera ,ie ,yahoo messenger with restricted level :slight_smile: till now working fine :slight_smile:

IE, yahoo messenger refuses to work in restricted mode working fine in limited :azn:

cutting and pasting of links do not funtion in opera in restricted mode
so i switched to limited mode :wink:
But for people paranoid about security ,and having good amount of RAM can try restricted mode
I find it to be cool

Yes, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers should be added to the Comodo sandbox by default. Better yet, draw a red border around the sandboxed applications.

I feel it should always be up to the user about what they wish to sandbox permanently.

Quicktime does not work even with partially limited (at least for me).

i like malwares lying helpless in sandbox >:-D

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Don’t play to much with the fire. especially if they are in Partially Limited.

Valentin N

i do not use partial amost all are limited or restricted 8)

I hope you do these malware test in Virtual machine. if you don’t I strongly advice you to do so. Click here to see what software gives you the possibility to create virtual machines

Valentin N

thanks Valentin I talk about the real life situation
where the antivirus did not detect anything
however my other on demand scanner was able to find a malware contained in virtual environment and clean it
so , i feel pleased at least sand box prevented direct access to my system