better tabbing

Well I’m on a roll tonight, nothing better to do than try different things. Just tried CD and as I can see it is the same as Google chrome. I sent Google a message asking them to make the tab experience the same as Firefox add on Tab Mix Plus. Guess what, i never got any reply back so I am asking you guys for the same. Have a look at the way Tab Mix Plus works and you will see it is very flexible. The best part I like is that every time you click on a link it opens in a new page, that also includes links in the same page. Can you guys work on this and offer the same as Firefox.

Put in the wishlist thread (I’m sure they have one) and yes you’re correct in your way of thinking. Comodo do listen to their userbase which is why they are so great! ;D

Why would you want it the exact same as Firefox? Why not just use Firefox?

Some people just enjoy having all of their favorite functions in one place.

hi Shadha

Pls consider this as our official response :slight_smile:

We have a wishlist section if you go ahead and put your wishes there, then dev team will take all these wishes and consider it in the next version. That doesn’t mean that it will be implemented. But we guarantee that it will be considered.