Better recovery after improper cleaning

I accidentally removed some key information to some of my programs because the cleaner said it was a virus or it would call it spyware. This type of cleaning can ruin a working program that cannot be reinstalled becuase most programs are worried your triyng to steal a copy of software and will not allow you to reinstall the software unless you wipe your drive and remove hidden ini install files that show it was installed.
Very tricky trying to recover after a good cleaning that removes key passwords to software,
most users can’nt test each software program on the list deleted after a wipe when reboot occurs and it ask OK to delete items. You may find out later that some key items are now removed and many things are broken like links to software, stored Key’s for activation making your only recover option a secure wipe to erase all install records I ve had windows files find previous files after a quick format and recovery so to be sure I must use a secure wipe like kill disk to reinstall all software .
Not to pleased.

There are 2 solutions

1)System Recovery: This can be achieved by Comodo Time Machine

2)Data Recovery: This can be achieved by Comodo Backup (can take snapshot).

Either would work in the scenario you describe above.


Melih would it be possible to combine these two programs (I like CTM for my Programs Partition and Comodo Backup for data partition). After a disaster it would be ideal to have the CTM boot console mechanisme also avalaible for Comodo Backup