Better Pop-ups

I hope this is the right forum, just wanted to offer a feature request/idea.

Currently under Comodo Firewall when you receive a pop-up alert for a connection attempt, you only have a limited number of choices to make. You can choose to:

  1. Accept
  2. Deny
  3. Choose apply a predefined set of rules
  4. And optionally do it “one time” or “remember the choice”

This is tolerable where the number of popups slider is set to low or medium. However, if you are running at the highest, where there is a popup for every tcp,udp connection and every ip addresses, you can get alot of popups.

I understand this is the point, however, it WAY back in kerio personal firewall 2.5 days they had a 5th option, which let you create custom rules on the fly.

So for instance, if a program tries to connect to on port 34003, instead of being restricted to pre-defined rules i have created earlier, I can quickly say hang on this program i want all localhost connections to any port, and I may want to allow dns connections.

I have quickly created a custom ruleset for program right from the popup, which then reduces the number of future popups i get. I can set ask again, if i want to see any future popups or i can quickly set block all other connections a log in my custom ruleset.

This was a killer feature of kerio, and one no other firewall has taken up. It makes customising your rulesets so much quicker and each program gets an exactly tailored ruleset, and doesnt have to be pigeonholed into a pre-defined category. (I understand you can go into the program and create custom rulesets, but being able to do it on the fly was such a neat and quick way of doing it).

Just a thought :slight_smile: