better options for session restore

have option to load tabs on demand


have option to load last tab used first while loading other tabs in the background. if user switches to a different tab than the last one used then increase the load property for the tab they changed to and if the last used tab wasn’t finished loading then continue loading it in the background at a low priorty. if you can make dragon detect intense pages and non intense pages then load the non intense pages in the background but at a higher priorty than the intense ones. once the non intese are loaded then increase the priorty for the intense pages.

have option that can be used in conjuction with the 2nd option to load pages with media but not autoplay media on the page. make it to where this can even be applied to the last used tab or not

or have a hibernate close feature for dragon so when dragon opens again it can pull all the data locally instead of going to the net to retrieve the pages. then only reload the page if there’s new content for the page but make this part optional and to where it can be enabled but be able to exclude the feature for user defined sites. so they could have the reload feature enabled but exclude certain sites or by exact url.