Better Fax Monitoring

I just queued a 30 page International fax, and I would like better status information than queued, Success, and Failed…how about CONNECTED…TRANSMITTING page X of Y, etc.


There are different trustfax sending statuses. The statuses are:
Converting - changing the document to the proper fax format prior to sending
Queued - fax is in queue and is being faxed
Success - fax was transmitted successfully
Fax Error - Fax was not sent. This status is also a link that you can click on to see what the error
Max Attempts - trustfax was not able to connect to a fax machine on any faxing try
canceled - the user canceled the fax transmission

Your request for additional statuses has been passed to the trustfax product team.

I created a wishlist…
can you pls post it there so that dev guys have a central place to take input from…