Better/easier search in rules [FW & D+]

Right now if you want a specific rule for program you have to write the whole path to the executable.
It would be easier if you could just write the name and you get the suggestions.

Note to admins: There should also be a subforum for both FW and D+. This wish fits in both categories, maybe also AV, which I don’t use.

+1 :-TU



Very user friendly idea.

+1 :-TU :-TU

I’ll add to this list. :slight_smile:


I’m getting tired of typing out the full path of file. 88)

Unfortunately the search hasn’t been improved.


Me too!

Voting this up. At 800+ programs in comodo’s D+ rules it’s becoming a must. Also a way to alphabetically sort programs in rules.

dot care much about adding a new rule,
but searching within existing rules takes a lot of time
at least sort [by path, by security policy name] would be appreciated