Better CIS indicators

Going with a general trend that I see in a lot of posts here, concerning the usability of CIS for some people, I’d like to suggest a more detailed design of indicators rather than the global big green “Secure” or red “Insecure”.

Something in the widget and systray (perhaps in the mouseover tooltip) to show whether BB is active or not, HIPS active or not, AV and Firewall active or not and so on. I often disable BB for running software and I’d really like some visual reminder that it’s inactive. Ideally something coloured, but perhaps a flashing systray icon, or different colour systray icons for different states.

As it is now, there’s nothing to remind the user that BB is off without looking in the relevant submenu.

I’ll perhaps do some kind of mock up over the weekend and post it here, if anyone likes the basic idea.

Edit - 25 views and no interest so far… still, I’ve done a very very rough mock-up (computer art not being one of my many talents 88)) just to illustrate my wish and give readers some idea of what on earth I’m talking about.

So, when I mouse-over the CIS tray icon, instead of this…

… how about having something more informative, like this…

Obviously it would look better than my sorry effort, but essentially just a systray tooltip that shows the state of each CIS module. The “Auto-sandbox -12” is showing that BB is disabled but on timer and re-enabling in 12 minutes, although “OFF” would serve just as well of course.

The info for each module could be more specific, e.g. On Access/Stateful/Off for the AV, but the important thing to me would be an easily-accessed and obvious indicator to remind me if I’ve say, disabled BB and forgotten to swtich it on again, something that I do often.

Just to be absolutely clear, this is not a suggestion to replace the systray context menu, but a pop-up when the mouse is hovered over the CIS tray icon.

Alternatively if this is perhaps too awkward to implement, it could be made part of the widget although I’m not a big fan of the widget really.