Better alternative to FireFox bowser

I would like to propose a different direction in secure browser development, if this is possible and is not too resources-intense: more viable alternative to Mozilla Firefox browser, easy to use, intuitive, with disabling WebRTC and peer-to-peer in one click, with no Unsorted bookmarks instead of remembering last folder used, with status bar, and with no necessity for font adjustment through the css file.

Basically, FF with easily turnable-off or absent all “improvements” of FF v.22 and future v.23, except best security possible for transactions.

While some part of population may (or may not) want these functions, have time and be willing to work with it from about:config and css files, but most of the people, I believe, have need in basic, intuitive, reliable and secure browser - with no default remote access, peer-to-peer connection, auto-loading and auto-playing videos, fighting with disappearing after upgrade buttons and failing logins in free email services - just as FF was before, and no one browser is now.

I see that IceDragon is based on FF v.21, and am afraid that auto update to v.22 or 23, that will follow sooner or later, will make this browser also unusable. I switched to IceDragon after MozillaFF update to v.22, and no IE, Chrome, Safari or Opera browsers come even close to old functionality of FireFox.

Just a thought. Thank you.