BETA Ver. for 32 bit Vista


Just downloaded & tried to install Comodo Firewall for 32 BIT Windows Vista but gave a warning that it’s a BETA version & has many bugs that may cause serious damage to PC !

How long will testing take before i can safely use the Comodo ?

Thanks - Mave

Greetings and welcome to the forums!
Many have asked your question, no one(possible Comodo Staff and the devolopers) knows the answer when CFP3 will be released as a final, but the current RC1 is really stable, and seeing as there was so short time between BETA 4 and RC1, I guess the final release might be in December(Christmas?)!
But like I said, we can only guess, but it’ll be announced on the forums when it’s released, also on Comodo’s webiste I believe.