Beta testing

At first, I want to apologize for posting here, I know it’s not the beta forum, but I am not able to find it.

so how can I join beta testing? are this year’s beta testing is over?

when will the beta testing start? will I get mail when it does?

If no, how can I subscribe for mail?

The beta period is end, but you can test stable version for bugs… IF new beta of CIS ready, Comodo always releases it under Beta section of CIS:

There is a group in Comodo Forum called “Star Group”

Star Group members are a very carefully selected group of members that have been chosen by Global Moderator vote, to carry out pre-release testing on CIS major and significant point versions. The selection was based on many factors, some of which but not all is their continued support and effort in bug reporting, usability/wish-list ideas, also general helpful contributions on the Forum. The group will also undoubtedly be continuing their efforts towards bug reporting, suggestions for usability enhancements/wishes and helping the general users once the release is issued.

What are the Star Group Members?

I hope you get some answers.,

Thanks for Replying so fast, can I get a mail when the next beta is available?
or can you give an appropriate month?

Follow Comodo’ social accounts

and enter your e-mail address after installation of Comodo Internet Security, there will be a windows which asks you to subscribe.
and check the Comodo Forum regulalry, this will %100 works
Because nobody knows the exact time.

and learn the Comodo’s release time motto “When its ready” :wink:

thanks boss

No problem (there is no boss, the only boss is Melih :smiley: )