Beta testing?

I could not find a similar topic using search, so apologies if I posted in the wrong place.

I was interested in being a beta guinea pig - like to try out the new stuff. Do you have a community of beta testors? Thanks.

There are child boards for every product dedicated solely to beta testing.
If you visit the forum home page, scroll down to the “Desktop Security Products & Services” and you will see all the boards for each product. Anyone can test betas, but it is at your own risk until a stable version is released. As “fOrTy_7” posted already, some beta boards are closed when there is no beta available.

You can also PM Melih if you are interested in joining the “Computer Security Testing Group”.

All users of Comodo are beta testers all the time. ;D >:-D

^^ What he said. ;D

All computer users are beta testers for a promised better future by the use of technology… 88) :smiley: :a0 >:-D O0