Beta testing of CIS 5.1

When will the testing of CIS 5.1? ???

Hi Black Star,

That is unknown, Comodo doesn’t publish a roadmap for these… It’s there when it shows up here…
Wish I knew more :wink:

Hey and Welcome BlackStar!

you can expect now in December or in January.


And here I am, hoping to see great news and then… :cry:
Nice! :-TU

Now that would make for a Happy New Year!


I think it’s safe to say “■■■■■ CIS 5.1 this year”.

You can’t “■■■■■” electricity…

I can use even uglier words, if you want to…

Save it for when it’s out, then you can say how beep awesome it is… :-*

He’s Joe Biden?

Well that’s exactly what they should do. :o

Please don’t bump up old topics, also Comodo alerts the user base of pre-release software when it’s ready for testing here in this board, active members on this board also know that any release date during software development is not set in stone, bugs come up and flaws are discovered, therefore a roadmap with all release dates specified can’t be drawn up, as nothing is set in stone.

CIS 2012 which will be the next major update is currently being developed however I know that currently Comodo doesn’t have a solid date yet, as the software isn’t even in testing yet.