Beta Tester Invitation

Greetings all,

Well (as per my previous post here the end of October came and went and so did the end of November with no added information. My bad, but with good reasons and intentions.

The good news is that we are now accepting applications from potential beta testers. Please note that this is a private test thus we are limiting the amount of admins and users who will be receiving ESM 3.0 to play with.

Preference will be given to system admins who have development networks running various flavors of Windows, OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7 and .deb/.rpm Linux both locally and remotely.*

Please send an email to cesm-pm[at] (do not PM me through the forums). We will then send you a brief questionnaire to complete and send back to us. If your application is successful we will let you know and on beta release day you will receive an email containing a license key and the URL from which you can download our latest and greatest.

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 11th December 2012.

  • Mac & Linux support is currently limited to system management only, there is no AV management for these platforms. Yet.

Here’s a little something to get the juices flowing while you’re waiting … :slight_smile:



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One off topic question though, why does it show 49 infected computers if they have CAV installed?
Defense+ should have avoided the infections, isnt it? !ot!

Hi w-e-v

It’s just a mock-up…


:wink: :smiley: