Beta Season is here, so come on Comodo [Resolved]

Looks like this is the week for new betas, new paint jobs and new features. So this should be the week for Comodo to let loose BoClean. Anything less, well may be understandable, but dont miss the boat my friends. (:WIN)

Gosh, maybe I already missed that boat… I didn’t even known there was a season for Betas, or that they were on a boat. I don’t have my Beta License and the appropriate Tags for it. Without that, the Game Wardens might catch me, give me a ticket, arrest me, take my equipment. Golly Gee!

Just for the record, will you please provide supporting documentation for these statements? (paint job, features, betas, etc)


Now Linda, you know I am talking about Avira, Eset, Kaspersky, Dr Web and others. And no you dont need a license if you want to raise my real true betta friends. The halfmoons, crowntails, plakats, but you will need a license from the Fish and Game folks if you plan to import.

“Linda?” Now I’m really off the boat! Who is “Linda”? Che mi racconti? ;D


Looooool :slight_smile: Comodo forums can be funny as well ;D Don’t you think “Linda” :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

Funny? Yeah, but I still don’t know who Linda is. :THNK


I thought it was your middle name.

I thought Sue! (:LGH) and how do you do ! (:LGH)

I see they’ve code-named you “Linda”. That’s too funny. But Little Mac, you really don’t have to know a “Linda” to be nicknamed “Linda”. If the shoe fits, wear it. :slight_smile: Linda could be a “friend of Dorothy”, for all you care.


Kinda crazy, I must say. Of course, over on Wilders, someone kept referring to Nancy McAleavey as, I think, Linda. Maybe it’s a BOC thing…

Or maybe that could be the “name” of the new release/version. You know, they named CFP v2.4 Flora; maybe BOC will be Linda. :wink:


True. In any event, take it all in stride. :slight_smile:


I vote Kevin gives BOC the code named “Mary”, in honor of being contrary to the “fallen priesthood” that would exploit the weak for their own gain.