Beta Opera Support Method

Opera support possible. This is untested by us and not officially supported, however, it does seem to work.

The latest version of Opera can reportedly use Chrome extensions with the addition of the “Download Chrome Extension” Opera plug-in, see below:

I’ve just personally installed Opera, then the extension above and then PrivDog. Initially it appears to all work as expected.

If you want to also try Opera beta testing at your own risk, as I said it’s not supported, then I’ve made the Chrome extension available for manual download from the following URL:

Look forward to hearing your feedback.


just installed without any problems. ill report back if i have any problems.

Good to hear,

thanks :slight_smile:


I just followed this method and privdog works pretty well :slight_smile: Hope it’s officially added to the privdog installer soon.

Just noticed that enabling Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking doesn’t work…

I dragged and drop the .crs file to Opera 17 and Opera asked if I wanted to install. I said yes and it worked.

Over a month or so ago I tried Privdog in one of the previous Opera builds (either a Next or Developer stream) and that also seemed to work. I drag and dropped the .crx file to Opera and that made it start installing Privdog and working afterwards. I only used that build briefly so my findings are preliminary.

Good to know Privdog is working for when the new Opera is complete enough to make this dinosaur move.

Will there be a working stable release for opera 20?

Im trying out the beta now, beta/privdog_chrome-

Is there a newer beta version out for opera or is v1.1.0.78 the one to use?

UPDATE: Running fine now. The beta updated auto, latest version works great.

I have Opera 20 stable version

And I’m running Privdog!

It runs fine and it’s up to date I have what the Capture shows.



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Hi all,

A new alpha version of PrivDog is available to test that has a long list of browser support including Opera.

Check it out: