Beta CAV ok for all my needs?

After getting rid of Norton (thank God), and after spending $60+ on Kaspersky only to find it a PITA with pop-up thingys all the time, I used AVG and thought it was very good. Then I tried Comodo firewall and thought I would give the AV a try, I am very happy with it. Very easy to understand, not too many pop-up corner thingys. Great.

My only concern is as its a Beta version am I ok using this as my primary AV? ??? I only surf the web now, as I had too many problems with Torrents. Is Limewire ok to use with Beta? I am no expert on this subject, and any help would be great! I also have the CBO as well. A big thumbs up for Comodo!!!

Sorry if this is a repeat question by the way!

Mcphisto :■■■■



As you’ve mentioned Comodo Antivirus is currently a beta, therefor it is possible that it may cause issues with your system to occur. Because of this, it is not recommended you use this on a production machine (or in this case, your primary home PC). If you are happy with your current antivirus solution then I recommend you stay with it until Comodo Antivirus is out of the beta phase.

If you still would like to try Comodo Antivirus then that is your choice, personally I have not had any major issues with the current beta version and have found it very stable and it updates definitions everyday so they are definitely adding to their current detection, but like I said, if you are currently happy with your current solution, then you should not change it, remember you can always install the beta and if you don’t like it, you can simply uninstall it and re-install whichever solution you like.


hi mcphisto, (:WAV)
just for additional info,i’m just a common computer user, don’t have any technical knowledge.
i’ve been using CAVS,CFP2,4 and CBO without any problem on my XP sp2 media center edition,
except for one bug (CAVS bug), cannot remove usb flash drive without restarting computer.
other than that : comodo is A-OK. the HIPS is cool!

or you can try avast ( or avira ( as your AV, heard they’re good.

Hi Mcphisto,

I totally agree with Justin and ganda. I’ve used CAVS without problems; no crashes, many updates and the HIPS system being very accurate. However I think CAVS uses more RAM memory than avast and Avira, so if you run heavy programs or have lack of RAM you may want to consider this. Personally I have 1024+256 MB RAM which has worked perfect. When running heavy programs I sometimes disable my antivirus, independent if it is CAVS or some other software.

PS. welcome to the Comodo forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I will stay with CAV even though I could go elsewhere, It also keeps me from the temptation to ‘torrent’ stuff, which is always a good thing as I have had more problems than you could believe doing that!

Thanks again. :■■■■