Beta Build

OOOOoooooooooo…I LIKE this!

It was worth the wait as far as I can see and there really is a big change so far in the activated options and the functionality! And to be released earlier than the scheduled Aug 16th release date is a huge Present for us… (:CLP)

This program is really starting to flex it’s muscles with this build, and it easily outshines all the other firewalls I tested up to this point (5 others). CFP Beta beats all that were in public release already, and easily is more configurable than the other Betas I tested that were close to RC1, and this is just the Initial Beta from Comodo team…


You’ve really solidified my opinion of this product as the Best firewall available for Vista to date. Eset, Kaspersky, Zone Alarm, Symantec, Kerio have a long way to go compared to this product, and this is FREE…I still can’t believe that. I can’t thank Comodo enough for that.

What options have you other testers found that are working now? Have your bugs from the Alpha builds been ironed out now? Let us know!
Post about what you think and what you’ve found in this thread and maybe we can have a nice little thread for others to use to find the new options.