Beta 2 Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition

Dear Beta Tester,

We’re proud to announce the Beta 2 release of Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition (2.0.40909.1) along with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 Beta (5.8.206694.2075i) is available for immediate download.

BETA NOTICE: This is BETA software and may have serious bugs which can cause permanent damage to your computer and data. It is intended for qualified beta testers only and must not be used in production systems.

Beta 1 testers: please see the release notes (in the installation directory) for the latest features and limitations in this release, as well as information about upgrading endpoints that had older CIS beta releases installed. If you should have any trouble activating your license on this version, please email esmbeta[at] for assistance.

For current ESM 1.6 users wanting to test ESM 2.0 in their environment on test workstations, there’s also instructions in the release notes for upgrading (while maintaining your ESM 1.6 server).

ESM 2.0 BE Beta 2 Web (light weight) installer (best if you installed ESM previously):

ESM 2.0 BE Beta 2 full installer (includes all supplementary software):

With the following CIS release, we encourage you to test out the new “Manage This Endpoint” feature on the More tab of the CIS interface. This is a new “pull” installation of the Comodo ESM Agent software from your ESM server that will allow our standalone users of CIS to upgrade their endpoints to a managed solution without having to uninstall/reinstall CIS. Install CIS first on a test endpoint (without using the Console), then give it a whirl!

Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 Beta (5.8.206694.2075i) 32-bit:

Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 Beta (5.8.206694.2075i) 64-bit:

As always, we appreciate your feedback – keep it coming. We have more tee-shirts available to our star Comodo BetaForce testers. Many of you will see a number of your suggestions incorporated into this beta, with more to come – so stay tuned.

The ESM development and product management team is looking forward to your tests.

–Glen Marianko
Product Line Manager, Business Security Solutions

Great work guys!

i hope this release is improved from last version
i will test it over the next couple days and report back

Thanks for the release…I am downloading it…

I will install it tonight and come with the results

It says the license has been used on another Machine.
In fact, I have installed first beta also on this same system.
Please guide me what to do.

[attachment deleted by admin]

We reset all previous beta licenses today, so if you have the problem again just email us, as I wrote in the OP.

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager

Nice :slight_smile: Since I have my new machine (finally) I will try it out.

Sadly my license key is still not working. I had this same issue before the new version and that was never solved either. Will mail again but i’m starting to loose hope :frowning:

I could now install CESM with the license key.

I could not find any release notes. Can you please post it here (or) provide a full path to it.

Am I missing something?

Insufficient rights for an Administrator?

I have created a new user ESMAdmin, changed it membership to Administrators, logged on the new account, logged off the new account.
Logged on to an other ‘standard’ user account started the ESM console and try to logon with the ESMAdmin account.

[b]Edit:[/b] Must be a bug of some kind, I have uninstalled/reboot/installed and now I'm able to logon with this (ESMAdmin) account.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The control box around the service is blinking every second here…
Windows 2008 R2 x64 on VMware 7.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Some feedback on browsing trough the interface.

  • Install went fine.

  • I’d prefer to add a warning after per-requisite installation of .NET and SQL etc to do “Please use windows update to verify latest patches available”.

  • On the license summary would it be possible to ‘save’ the license details as a reference to a companies license repository?

  • Would it be possible to restrict the access to the admin page for e.g. by IP range(s) etc?

  • I think it’s a bad practice to advise to change the policy to allow ‘blank passwords’, this hint is shown if you try to logon with a blank password.

  • I think there is to much space between the menu name and the tiles (e.g. dashboard below the blue bar) it pushes the tiles to far down.

  • If you press the Back button in Dragon it kicks you out the interface, can you catch back actions and navigate to ESM home or throw an alert box?

  • Reports & License info for example scroll the tiles over the text this makes it harder to read, please also scroll the selected menu name.

when i download the software and try to install its asking for a license.i registered and got an email with a download link for ver. 1.6?where is the license so i can try beta 2?

can I get a licensed PM:ed? Thanks