Beta impressions

Well, I’ve been using it for a couple days now, and I gotta say (:CLP)

I was going to report some problems with beta 2.2 but I figured they would be solved with the new version and I am correct.

Ewido antimalware no longer causes BSOD (:CLP)
Super AntiSpyware no longer causes BSOD (:CLP)

I am having no more problems with gene6 ftp server either (pop ups now :slight_smile: )

I like that you split the CPF tray into a separate one so I can just disable CLPtray in the startup.

The new rule menu is great, I love it.

reduced memory footprint is also great !

the new system protection is also great, and I like the importing of the licence aswell. (if only it imported the rules too.)

most excellent!