Best wishes to panic!

Recently our fellow moderator panic, also know as Ewen & some other things I was “advised” to leave out, went under the dreaded surgeons knife & is now recuperating (I’ve asked, no pictures:frowning:). So, I would like everybody to join me in sending Ewen what he needs…

Speedy recovery mate, get well soon!

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Get well soon Ewen! Will be thinking about you.

Best wishes Ewen !!! Get well soon. We are missing your presence and humour here :-\

get well soon Ewen!!!

Hope the nurses were good looking at least!


Get feeling better so you can come back soon we Miss you! ;D

You know, panic has not been in the air for a while–now we know why. Best wishes Ewen, take care, get well, and return soon.

Yay ! Ewen has visited us ! Now don’t make us panic and tell us how are you ? :slight_smile:

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Don’t panic! Ewen’s on light duties currently (spam hunting at moment it seems) & he may not post into the public section for a while yet.

Get well Ewen!!!

The nurses are ugly…


huh ??? why lock this topic? ???

I didn’t lock it. ???

maybe the nurses did?

Panic, Ewen is baaaaaaack as of today, nice to see the (nurses) went easy on you mate, welcome home… :BNC
Regards & Cheers :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

:BNC We had been PMing each other before. Why did you have to have a surgery panic?

Heya Ewen :slight_smile:

Get well soon m8 :-TU

Greetz, Red.

No you did 'cos you refused to be his girlfriend. 88)

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes - particularly the ones about the hot nurses. When do they get delivered?

I’m not really back as such, just intermitently checking if there are any replies to topics I had previously participated in, just so no-one gets left hanging for a response.

Again, thanks, it’s much appreciated.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I though you’d introduce us. (:SAD)

hi Ewen, ready for some nip & tuck?