Best Wishes To All!!!!

Hey Comodo Community

I would just like to say, Each and every one of you are an exceptional part of this community and you all contribute grateful! So allow the user-dev of Comodo Security Software continue to provide you number 1 protection than any existing anti-thing out there! :slight_smile:

I will get to the point: I have lost an interest in computing and internet security! My sister got married on sunday and that got me thinking hard. Ever since I was 9, I been doing Martial Arts! That is my true passion and I am determined to drive in it even further! Social life is also picking up for me, I have learnt not to put comodo forums infront of family and friends, period! Some of you may know I deleted my account 5 times, Let me assure you this is it! Its such a a hard thing for me to make, Really hard. :frowning:

However… As I said, lost an interest and it’s simple as that and karate is my direction.

This my 100% honestly. All my stickies have been removed.

Wish each and every one of you all the best in the future. The mods have my email address, they can email me and ask if anyone wants to email me :slight_smile: I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Thank you to all.


Good luck 3xist. May you reap the fruits of the good things you’ve done to Comodo community on your chosen endeavor.

Hoping for the best for you.

I bet Josh will come back within a month ;D. COMODO Forums are so addictive you know 88).

Best of luck to you mate :wink:


I would like to join all who are sincerely wishing you all the best.

Life is not about computers only (untruthful lie said by the programmer, who is usually waking up at night with some “better ideas” :smiley: )

As for loosing interest in “internet security» I can completely understand you – that is pure ■■■■ ;D

It is just one of the constant wars which will always be with us and will never be won by any side – that is just a small part of the Cybernetics law. As Norbert Wiener proved – as soon as there is a complete ideal balance – the system is dead (any system)

Regarding interests in computers as a whole apart from the “security” – well,… you will never be left alone and use it and like it – that is still interesting & exciting,
despite sure karate-kicking ■■■■■ is more rewarding … kidding ;D…
I know that Martial Arts is not about that, but rather philosophical matter

Oriental culture is one of my hobbies. I read all available best oriental classical and contemporary authors in Russian and some in English

Thanks for your help in the forum

Be successful in everything you want to achieve, Josh! :-TU

Hi 3xist

Computer security is like karate, it is small world after all, attack and defend. in other words finding a whole in your opponents posture while protecting one’s vital organs ;D. Anyway if you have to be a black belt someday, please study Systema i.e Russian Martial Arts. Systema is quite related to Bruce Lee philosophy, which is to have no style in fighting; in other words you should not confine yourself within the boundary of one fighting style alone. One should adapt his or her fighting style to match any threat.

In conclusion, Systema is the way man. Peace and train hard.

P.S.: Systema is not for the faint hearted since the Russian elite forces such as the Spetsnaz use it. Use it with extreme care ;D.


Peace and I shall miss you :'(.

Come back soon and visit.

The only 2 things that could keep 3xist away from here is… the jealous girlfriend, or being exiled to the Russian tundra with no electricity in sight for hundreds of miles around :smiley:
Good luck in all you endeavors Josh :-TU
Xman 8)

Lol. ;D

Goodbye Josh…(one less mod to keep Ganda in line :'()

As for me, I sometimes take long breaks from this forum, but it holds an attraction for me. About a year ago, I would have read almost every post (the new ones, that is). But now I only read a few. :-\

Time is precious…and this forum can suck it up. ;D

Well good luck on your new life Josh. Some times one needs such a change when they notice there not doing what they want, its good that you noticed your need for change and worked on it. May life be what you want of it. ;D

Edit: fixed name mistake, thx Ganda.

the name’s josh 88)
john is the one who got roundhouuse kicked by josh 88)

Good luck with your plans. :-TU Martial Arts is a good way to stay healthy, I train some myself! :-TU

The more you train the more your girlfriend will love you staying in good shape will probably boost your confidence as well! ;D (:KWL)

Good luck Josh.

(And he broke his new year resolution once again. He promised that he will not delete his account again! Bad resolution.)

I didn’t even get to know him, but I’m saddened by the loss of a member of this community. Of course, he’s not really gone. He’s just gone on to other things, things which he feels will be more up his alley.

Also, as long as Comodo puts out one of the best security apps, and free for the indigent, people will be interested, and quite a few will come and rally to the cause. I, myself, don’t have a lot of time, right now, and I don’t see myself ever becoming quite knowledgeable enough to help on the tech aspect of the front, but I’ll spread the gospel of comodo to the ends of the earth, in the best way I can.

COMODO is the defense art in computing!

I don’t see any reason why you have to leave one for the other. Unless you spend so much time in COMODO forum which I do not see why and lose substantial time for your Karate hobby and social life. If so what you need is to set your life priority right not to cut yourself from COMODO forum.

But still all the best for you in whatever you choose! Live your adventure! :-TU

Locked the topic as Josh is still around in the mod squad as per personal request by Melih. Note that he cannot delete his account anymore…:smiley: :wink: