Best way to update version?

Hi, I’ve only now realised that my Comodo needs updating. I would have hoped the firewall itself would have told me, rather than me stumbling onto this fact by surfing this site, but oh well.

So can I ask what the best way to update it would be? If I download from the main site, will it overwrite everything? Should I uninstall my current version before downloading the new one? I dont want to lose all the settings that took me ages to figure out! Thanks for your help.

I export my current settings from miscellaneous/manage my configuration and then use the main download for the new version. The download will uninstall your existing version, then ask you to reboot. After the reboot, you run the installer again, reboot to the new version, and import your old settings.

I downloaded the latest .exe, backed up pref settings and then installed. The
installer will uninstall the previous version first, and ask for reboot. Then install
from downloaded .exe and reboot. Then import previously backed up pref settings.
Then exit cfp by r/click on tray icon. Then click desktop icon to relaunch.
All settings will be as they were. No probs. here. :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with the uninstall the whole program and reinstall the new version method, but get with the program, that what the incremental update feature is for in CPF3.

For someone still languishing at the original .266&268 version, there is a patch you can download that
will upgrade you to the version. And once at the .276 version just open the firewall, go to the miscellaneous tab, select check for new version, download the fairly small file, reboot and you are upgraded to the latest .377 version.

(I believe you can find the patch to upgrade the .268 version to .276 on the V3 announcements section of this forum. ) For any still with the .273 version, its probably best to use the completely remove method at this point. But a month ago, some creative types downloaded an update which regressed the .273 version to the .276 version and then they used the patch to get to the .276 version.)

Making sure I have this right… So I am running ver .276 now with no problems, (and a little leery to update from some of the problems afterwards I’ve read), if I update .276 to latest .277, no need to export the settings and import after the update? The update will not uninstall the prior version and make you start over? THANKS!

the update from .276 to .277 is about the easiest of all the V3 upgrades. Went without a hitch.

Having said that, it ALWAYS is a good idea to backup the setttings (export), regardless of whether or not you are going to upgrade.

I downloaded the patch from this thread, but when I run it a pop-up appears saying “Comodo Firewall pro is not installed in your system. Aborting upgrade.”

Any ideas how I can proceed without doing a clean install? Thanks.