Best way to reset Comodo settings?

i messed up with default settings … wanna reset them as it were after installation … how 2 do it ???

& whot does “defense is leaning mean” ???

& some registry settings were given access … how can i c them ???

plz any 1 do reply …

There Is No Option So Far To Load The Default Factory Settings. However, You Can Check With The Link To Change The Settings To Deafult Manually.

Sorry for the late reply.

Go to ‘Miscellaneous’ > ‘Manage my Configurations’ > ‘Import’ > ‘Import As’ > and choose one of the four default COMODO policies in the COMODO Internet Security Folder
(C:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security).

There are four default configs:

COMODO - Internet Security.cfg
COMODO - Antivirus Security.cfg
COMODO - Firewall Security.cfg
COMODO - Proactive Security.cfg

When importing, rename it. Add something like “2” to the end.
Then go to Manage my Configurations > Select > and select that newly imported default config. :slight_smile:


what’s the best and fastest way to reset CIS settings to “factory” (that is, just after a clean install) without having to uninstall/clean/install?


The best way is to import the factory default configurations from the “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security” folder.

This can be done by using the MANAGE MY CONFIGURATIONS in the MISCELLANEOUS section. After re-importing the originals, you will need to reselect your preferred configuration.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Are they the four .cfg files?
And why are they four files?

I understand Antivirus and Firewall, but what are ProActive and Internet files for?

I mean, I don’t understand their organization…


Very fine. Question: where is the location of the default and new (save as) .cfg profiles?
I am looking for deleting the old profiles and importing the default profiles (replace vs. add)
If I try to overwrite a profile using the same name (e.g. COMODO - Proactive Security) Save as returns an error message. Need some information. Thanks.

CIS stores its rules in the registry and not in .cfg files. You can export the registry settings to a file. You can choose a folder where to store them. Do not store in a sub folder of CIS because when uninstalling you will loose your exported configuration.

Comodo protects it’s own files. Hence you cannot overwrite an existing configuration file.

Make sense. What the full path rule reg keys? I want to delete my custom rules and import the default rules from c:\program files\comodo folder. What is the best way?

a. delete the custom rule reg keys
b. import the default rules.cfg in c:\program files\comodo folder using the COMODO GUI


a. delete the reg keys folder, open COMODO, and the rules will be re-created using the default profiles .cfg?


I go with Fazio’s suggestion:;msg267162#msg267162 .

The rules are stored under HKLM\System\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro .

Thanks EricJH

Deleting the key Configuration (best - run diagnostic utility upon starting COMDOD). Will recreate the configuration key with the COMDO - Firewall default profile (rule 0). import the remaining .cfg profiles and you are good.

Deleting the rules 01-04. Will not request the diagnostic utility to run but the new profile COMODO - Firewall default will be numbered rule n +1 (05 in my case). import the remaining .cfg profiles and you are good.