Best to test with

Just wondering if anyone could give me advise on the best place to go to do a firewall test.

We have 2 computers running of a dlink router(1 mine,the other my dads),and i read in a post by panic that some tests only test up to the router.I am trying to convince me old man that comodos free firewall is superior to his paid for CA firewall.Am i correct when i see ports are listening that them ports will only accept data from the application asking,as i seem to have 3 ports associated with my ATI graphics card/program listening but have never sent or received any data.Any advise would be much appreciated.

kind regards Matty


Sorry i forgot to say totally impartial otherwise ill get “well they would say that wouldn`t they”

here are a few for you to check out.

In addition to the tests mentioned by rickyg, you can use (in open-source) where you can customize your own tests.
For example, you can do an UTP port scan, impersonating a DNS server.

Hope this can help,

Many thanks,i`ll give em a go and report if any problems found.

Regards Matty