Best setup for developer?


yesterday I installed Qt (web installer), and the install wasn’t completely smooth due to the sandbox popup appearing each time qmake.exe was called (even if I told Comodo to trust this file).
I guess Comodo does that because it’s a console application and it isn’t signed.

Is there a way to configure Comodo to ease this?
Maybe it could not sandbox console apps and show the D+ popup instead in this case?

I don’t know… I’m starting to really hate the sandbox. Most of the time, a sandboxed app won’t run smoothly because it can’t access some stuff and will crash, and it’s best to not use it… I use it in fully virtualized mode to reduce crashes, but still…

Try giving qmake.exe the Installer/UPdater policy in Active HIPS rules.

Notice you need to enable the HIPS when using the default Internet Security Configuration.

ok, I’ll try that, thanks.