Best settings to pass leak tests?

What are the best settings to be able to pass grc’s and pc flanks leaktests and the comodo leak tests without a billion alerts?
Right now in internet security stock settings they are both failing.
Do I have to switch to proactive?

This might help, How To Install & Configure CIS for Max Protection & Min Alerts - FAQ

If I remember correctly, you need to disable Sandbox for leak tests, as Leak tests are not designed to work with Sandbox.

Ok, I have followed that tut and passed clt 100%, but pc flank and grc still bypasses cis

also, how do I save my comodo settings so I don’t have to go through it again?

These may be testing the router you are behind. They are notorious for this.

Also, as SivaSuresh mentioned, the leaktest does not test the sandbox correctly. Therefore I don’t even bother using it anymore. What I have seen is that with my settings nobody has complained of any problems with malware whatsoever.

That’s what I base my assurance on.

You can go to More => “Manage My Configurations”. Then select the configuration you are using and choose the option to export it. You can then import it after your next installation.

That said, for any major release I would recommend configuring it from scratch as many of the settings may have changed (both internal and those recommended by me).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Ok that’s good enough for me…what’s weird is pctools fwp with factory settings passed pc flanks when comodo did not with proactive settings enabled without sandbox.

I currently have it set like it says in your tut and i’m not getting any alerts from utorrent, is this normal?
I have mine configured like this…
Set Stealtho ports wizard to block all incoming connections, then in network security policy - global rules create a rule that allows incoming tcp and upd on destination port , place the rule somewhere above “block all” rule and save it (press ok). When you start utorrent you’ll be alerted that Utorrent is trying to recieve incoming connection on , allow that (that’ll create application rule for utorrent) and you should be all set (allow any outgoing connections if asked).