Best setting for a novice

I recently installed CFP ver 3.0 on my daughters computer and ran into some slow downs. I adjusted the setting per Poster CAT and it helped.

The PC will be a Christmas gift and I will not be there for many questions. What are the best settings for firewall and defense+ for a beginner with a firewall on her on PC.

If is for a youngster. She is 13, great a using a PC for homework and stuff. Security she is a novicse, like many out there.
She will have have NOD32 AV and CFP firewall. 2.4Ghz Win XP Pro 1 gig ram

Any advice would be appreciated. It helps me too. :slight_smile:


The best choice would be Clean PC Mode for Defense+. It might also be a good idea to switch off the balloon messages describing the training process. Click Miscellaneous>Settings>General Tab and uncheck “Show the balloon messages”. There are a few other pointers - the pop-up messages asking whether to allow programs to do actions that are governed by CFP are meant to both control the questionable actions of software and allow you to configure software that requires extra privileges. On those pop-ups there is a default “Allow” choice that will generate a broad allow rule, and there is a choice below that “Treat this program as…” with a drop-down beside it that offers choices for Installer (many protected areas are altered by installers and you would have to click “Allow” dozens of times if you did not use this option); Browser (for Internet Explorer, Firefox or your chosen internet browser); email client (for Outlook Express, Thunderbird or the like); Trusted Application (this would be for anti-virus or security software and other applications that regularly access protected parts of your system); Blocked Application (for applications that you don’t want to be able to use the internet - spyware and malware come to mind).

Thanks for the info!