Best Performing (Speed and Memory Usage) AV and Internet Security for 2010



Interesting. Raymond’s test CPU is faster mine, yet in his findings CIS delayed the average boot time by 9.77 seconds. If my boot time was delayed that many seconds, I would notice it without a doubt. On my PC, there was no hardly any difference with or without CIS. Then again, I don’t have Comodo anti-virus and my OS is nLited and tweaked.

PrevX can scan 13.23GB is 24 seconds!! ???

Maybe if it was a single 13.23GB file. Either that or I’ve got to get one of those hard drives!!

Interesting test though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It’s all cloud based and AFAIK they only do a quick scan (of the most important sections) only ?


So it didn’t actually scan 13.23GB of files on the file system?

I would doubt so, I cant see it happen. That would be 13.23 GB in 24 secs → that would be uploading 1.8GB/s to the cloud for analysis. and even if you have such a fast connection, I doubt the harddrive is able to access all that data so fast.

So I think it only scans executables (actual threads)

A post I’m basing myself on :

It doesn’t necessarily scan every file but it considers all of them - most of the files on the disk are useless/inactive and pose no threat to the end user when just sitting dormant so there is no need to waste time looking for them.