best options for few popups?

i 'm being crazy about the popups in this firewall
so i set the following options:
Firewall Security Level: Custom Policy Mode
Defense+ Security Level: Training Mode

BIG problem : when i allowed a process or program and that program updates, the popup is there again…

So my computer is now bad protected or not?
I have also Avast antivirus, norton antibot

so i have more/few popups with this settings in Comodo Firewall?
My brother doesn’t update his firewall (he has still version 3.0) , so it is dangerous with the same settings as me above?

IMO custom policy mode will make even more pop up, (you can see the explanation for each setting on CIS help btw)

i think you should set:
firewall ==> safe mode
Defense+ ==> safe mode

safe mode
*whitelisted programs are allowed
*ask for unknown program

training mode will make D+ learn & trust everything on your comp. 88)
so you can only use training mode only for short period of time (perhaps after installing new program) to let D+ learn about it & then switch it back to higher level.

and when you’re installing/updating something,instead of clicking allow, you should tick the option treat this application as installer or updater)

you might wanna take a look at this
games & application installation

err why don’t your brother update his CFP? the latest CFP update is on CIS :stuck_out_tongue:

The latest version 3.5 is lighter than 3.0, and also a few bug fixes + increased whitelist = less pop-ups.

If you’re a fairly safe surfer… Perhaps just install Comodo Firewall WITHOUT Defense+ and use comodo’s antivirus\Avast!