Best Non-Paranoid Performance Configuration

New to Comodo, came from Webroot (and ESET before that). My #1 criteria has always been least taxing on system performance followed by protection. I have to admit I came to Comodo because I’m too cheap to pay webroot for my renewal and I saw on matousec that Comodo was #1. However the 97% rating on Matousec I’m sure is with ALL options turned on. I have noted that Comodo installs with Proactive Mode Profile not selected. I’m sure it was for the matousec tests. This leads me to believe Comodo developers feel the program is strong enough without using Proactive mode. How you setup your software is always a matter of preference. Some are more paranoid than others, probably due to some bad experiences (burn marks) from previous infections. I’ve never had an infection (knock on wood) and I’m always leaving things like heuristics off - I just get annoyed by all the popups warning me legit programs are trying to modify my system.

So I’m wondering if the Comodo 6.x veterans have any recommendations on what they feel are the minimal settings to keep a system practically protected while minimizing the hit on system performance?

Write now I have most stuff turned on accept I have HIPS turned off.

I have my machine locked down a little stiffer than default Proactive Mode (just my personal preference). I think you would be well served using Proactive Mode in default (although HIPS is enabled). Turning off HIPS shouldn’t affect anything. It’s just another layer of protection (but, I admit, it can be irritating sometimes). I’ve attached images of my Proactive Settings if you’re interested.

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My recommendations are given here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I also use Chiron’s setup, but with custom firewall policy, and strict rules.