Best Image/Photo software

I need to put a image/photo program on my computer. I just want a general purpose program. I am looking for suggestion on what would be best.
Thanks for your help.

What exactly do you want to dow ith the images? or just view them?

You could try Gimp. It’s free, good all round general purpose picture creator\editer etc.

Thanks for the reply.

I just want to view images and do some simple editing and possibly make a slide show.

Then picasa will be your best shot I think…


I’ve used Irfanview for years for that general purpose stuff.

Irfanview is very fast, simple, it does great color correction work, cropping, resizing, change formats, slide shows, ability to burn slide shows, and many other features. File handling tools too. It play’s some video and even sound too!

It does have basic filter ability and can use plug in’s, though less ability then adobe, gimp or, —>but that’s not really what it’s for. And that’s ok, makes it lightweight for what it is for.

I’d recommend it as the default viewer due to what a breeze it is to use.

It’s always been free.

Irfanview is great. It can do all that was said above plus scan images , create multi page .tif and .pdf files, import plugins to give it greater image editing capabilities, it’s an amazing program.

Irfan or XnView, both good for what you need.

Check em out


Um…on second thought, no. The only other I can think of beside the ones listed is Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Photoshop is the best…

But not the best for general editing and photo-managing.

Faststone Image Viewer V4.0 Freeware for Home users here:
Xman :-TU

For simple cropping, sizing and format alteration the FS Viewer is very convenient and simple to use with its full screen view, but when it comes to more detailed operations like cloning, healing or layers open source GIMP freeware has a plugin available for it and much much more!


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