Best freeware security setup with COMODO Firewall

Just looking for everyones opinion on the Best freeware security setup thats light on system resources and does not slow your computer down. Im using now:

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Firewall: Comodo
Anti-virus: Avira Antivir (as a guard, has good heuristic),
aol virus scan shield (on demand, has good virus database and best update service)
Anti-Spyware: Spyware-terminator (real time), Ad-Aware (on demand)
Sandbox: Sandboxie.
Browsers: Firefox with NoScript, Torpark (Tor-enforced Firefox with NoScript for confident work)

Is it enough? What is everyones ideas just interested to know.

Maybe you want to look at :

Real time :

  • Anti Trojan : Comodo BOClean.

  • HIPS : System Safety Monitor Free Edition, or Novatix Cyberhawk.

On demand :

  • Antispyware : a-squared Free.

Firefox :

  • Add-ons : Adblock Plus, CookieSafe, Firekeeper ( Firekeeper is still an Alpha release ).

Greetz, Red.

Actual tests of BOClean are not impressive. Despite my high expectations BOClean
performed poorly on testing. I hate to disillusion BOClean’s many ardent fans but I
simply can’t recommend it for general use against modern malware. More efficient
tools are required. Results are here -

I would urge you to read this before you come to this conclusion,9105.0.html



Lol shs :slight_smile:

That’s just a “Pay Per Review” site :stuck_out_tongue:

More interesing is what the users think :,18336264~viewpoll=1

Greetz, Red.

that is so funny :slight_smile: “Pay per Review”… LOL…


Thanks, i will take a look tomorrow, it is too late now.

But, about meaning of users… It is interesting to know what some users use,
but it is not so representative as pure real tests. It is more relevant to good marketing
and popularity of the label.

For example, as Anti-Viruses most popular are AVG, Avast, KAV, McAfee, NOD32, Norton, …
Recently i have found an interesting current statistic for early detections :

AVG - 27 % (sig: 40% / heur: 60%)
Avast - 23 % (sig: 76% / heur: 24%)
Kaspersky - 45 % (sig: 99% / heur: 1%)
McAfee - 25 % (sig: 43% / heur: 57%)
NOD32v2 - 38 % (sig: 51% / heur: 49%)
Symantec (Norton) - 6 % (sig: 89% / heur: 11%)

best of this list are :

AntiVir - 64 % (sig: 60% / heur: 40%)
Fortinet - 62 % (sig: 54% / heur: 46%)
Panda - 56 % (sig: 37% / heur: 63%)
Webwasher - 81 % (sig: 49% / heur: 51%)

Some not so much known names…

Thats scary result really!

What this means is at best 19 out of 100 new malware will not be noticed and cause damage!!!

its time for CFP v3 (:KWL)


Yeah well, I meant it in a funny way, but sadly enough it is the truth :frowning:

Greetz, Red.

Do somebody use VMware or something similar for protection?
I think it is only one serious way today.

But, let us go to the topic back. Please post your security setups
on the base of COMODO firewall. It will help people to see which
combinations are working and skip some time for testing.

i tink comodo firewall is a very compatible program, u can c wat i use in my signature, all run well.

beside, i run cpf long time wit KAV, very gud but little slow down because of Kas’ proactiv defense.

cpf+avast+ms defender = ok
cpf+avg+ms defender=ok
cpf+antivir+ms defender=ok
cpf+kav+ms defender=little slow down like i said
cpf+kav+ad-watch=little slow down

for wat u haf now, i feel enough. u mite wanna consider a-square free.
wen cpf v3 out, an independent hips is extra.

Here is my freeware security list:

Note that I am also running on an administrator account without compromising my security (based on proven results, not theory, so don’t bother attacking this comment :wink: ) Also I am connected directly to modem (no NAT router)

Firewall: Comodo Personal Firewall

Antivirus: Avira Anti-Virus

Antivirus - E-mail: AVG Anti-Virus (Avira doesn’t come with one!)

Browser Protection: Spyware Blaster

  • Blaster changes settings to increase browser security, provides protection against thousands of malevolent products that use ActiveX based exploits, blocks hostile sites and discards unwanted cookies.

Spyware: Spyware Terminator + a-squared Free (redundant on-demand scanner)

HIPS: Novatix Cyberhawk

Rootkits: GMER + RootkitRevealer + IceSword + DarkSpy

Total security costs: $0

With this configuration I have had 0 problems/threats/infections that haven’t been detected and blocked or removed over 1 year running. In addition, with this combination the slow-down drag on my Intel Pentium 1800MHz, 256mb RAM system is barely noticeable. In fact, I believe it runs the same (or maybe even faster) than with Norton Internet Security 2006 alone. Note also that I occassionally frequent dangerous websites known for web-based exploits as well as p2p file transfers, so this setup has been well tested.

I should also add that I use Firefox web browser (far superior to any other, no matter how you look at it in my opinion!)

My avatar pretty much tells about mine. I explained it here:,9165.msg67231.html#msg67231

Only that now I’ve removed Windows Defender because they say it’s nearly worthless and so very redundant in my system, and I’ve got all blocked by default in Opera, cookies, script, even plugins etc., and allowed for necessary and trusted sites.

It’s more important not to invite the malware into your computer in the first place, than having the means to neutralize it once it’s in. I’ve never got infected and I guess most of this artillery remains idle all the time, the only thing it’s doing is bothering me with popups (not BOClean which is totally silent as well as Avira), but hey I want to be ready for the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I use a limited account and have the admin one password protected because surfing the web with admin rights is a bad idea, a virus can do only what the account he got in can.