Best Free VPN's That Work With Torrent Downloaders

Hello, my favorite free VPN is currently Hotspot Shield. However, I find that if I have it active when I’m trying to download torrents no traffic can go in or out from utorrent.

Does anyone have another free VPN, that is also relatively fast, that works alongside torrent downloaders. I’ve tried USAIP, and have found it to work, but in my opinion the speed is not high enough. Also, if you know of a way to get Hotspot Shield to work with torrent downloaders I’d be interested in that too.



Hi Chiron,

1st, after reading your post I was pretty much, ( 88) say ) surprised , meaning:
why would you use VPN (any) in conjunction with µTorrent?
Do you think that will deliver some kind of security in addition to the one provided by µTorrent itself & your security?
I personally don’t think so… but anyway… That is a long going issue and I hope you’ve read respective µTorrent’s Forum threads

There are suggestions re: VPNs & some “advanced” settings, which you you can try… but at the end of the day that makes no sense to me whatsoever using it with VPN.

Just correct port forwarding; correct secure set of rules with your Firewall (FW) & that’s it.
I’m still using old & perfectly working Comodo v3.14 FW —> incredible µTorrent speed for many/many years (sure I’m not a leech & sharing :wink: ) and I’ve never been attacked or infected

Probably I don’t get the deepness of using VPN + µTorrent … You may have some (hidden) points :slight_smile:


I’m trying to add to this section of my article.

I’m looking at privacy concerns, which I can use a VPN to help achieve.

Hi Chiron,
1st, sorry 4 the delayed response
I see now what you are trying to convey
Well you are doing great work as usual & I’m not in a position to give advices, but … you know me I do like to post some criticism ;D

So, in “3. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)” you have objectives & subjective point.
You tried to convince users that using VPN as a whole (as a concept) is good idea … because “…” . Fine.
And you suggested specific Software that you prefer. Fine again.

That’s it

Other topics according to my humble opinion are irrelevant

Are you going to describe different VPNs and all current bugs / incompatibilities /etc. within that paragraph? Sure not.
Do you know that there are many different issues when running different VPN in conjunction with different P2P clients?
In addition to what I posted above in my previous reply it is a matter of, say searching for 88) “VPN and P2P”
You & you audience will definitely have fun & find a lot of information in order to think about & consider

Therefore, why just µTorrent was mentioned? (that’s my beloved & only P2P client too, but still)

And that is why I allowed myself to write “That’s it”, meaning - you don’t need anything else in addition to be placed in #3

Sure, other (rather related) issues can be discussed and could be very educational & interesting , but not within the context we are talking about at the moment

Cheers man!

There is another version of Hotspot Shield called Expat Shield. The difference is that it gives you an IP address in the UK instead of the USA. Could that maybe make a difference?