best free hardware tempreture monitoring software ??

HI all what is the best free hardware monitoring software out right now ? if there is any out there i did a search and found a program called speedfan but i don’t need anything to control my fans i just want temp monitoring and fan monitoring is all.

This is the best and I love it. It also can show on your desktop all your temps and fan speeds. I also have a Logitech G15 keyboard and my temps show on my LCD screen.

Speedfan monitors all your sensors for temperature, and reports them, and can control your fan speed based on that profile if desired. Otherwise, it just informs you of what is happening I have used it for several years with no problems, and do use the fan conrol to maintain a fairly constant temperature compared to the computer control, but not necessary to use that option.

Mother Board Monitor use to be good buts no longer supported.

Vettetech dose that show hard drive temps and video temps ? if so i’m down with that :slight_smile:

Of course it does. It can even show them right on your desktop when you minimize the program. Didn’t you read the site?

yeah i did all it showed and said was cpu temp had pictures of that so i figured i would ask :slight_smile: i like how its portable as well thats a good thing i can take it from pc to pc (:LGH)

thanks Vettech i like it allot only one temp that dose not show up in the green desktop display is my hard drive temp. is that not suppose to show up on there? it dose in the main display but not there. also what is overclock information that docent overclock the board dose it. thanks again for a great point to a great program. and one more question about it is there a whey to have the desktop display without leaving program in system tray?

Overclocking is there for when you overclock your cpu or gpu. Its only gonna display things your mobo can support.

oh i see that’s cool so if i click it will tell me what my mobo supports as in they whey of overclocking :slight_smile: thaanks again i just notes the thing docent take much memory :slight_smile: i leave it on