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Exactly. There are times when I forgot I even had it running. The boot time was the only quirk. But I suppose decent AV’s are supposed to be that way; that’s a given.

You did you verify it was really a trojan? Comodo will warn you of some actions, including “trojan behavior”, even when they are part of legit programs.

I can’t tell you for 100% sure, but I did search on Google for the specific file name. The only relevant hit was at Prevx, and I recall that there was something about a trojan which could appear as a DLL file (with several different names). But I had no idea that Comodo Firewall should warn for a trojan - I thought that was only a feature of CAVS? Anyway, CPF didn’t warn while I recieved the trojan, but it did detect its attempt to access internet. So I could at least block it.

I know the question was about free software, and this is a Comodo forum, but I really can’t understand why anyone would risk their system by using anything other than the top-rated program – whether free or not. I use Eset’s NOD32, which is only $29.95/year on a two-year subscription. It’s been number one on all the independent sites for a couple of years.

I’ll use a free antivirus on dialup, but NEVER on broadband (unless it happens to also be top-rated as is, for example, Comodo Personal Firewall).

Just my two cents worth. I use Comodo Personal Firewall and BOClean (manual backup) on my home system (broadband) along with the NOD32, and both Comodo Antivirus and Personal Firewall at work, where I have a dialup for checking email. I love Comodo products, but will continue to go with the best rated programs I can find, whether or not Comodo’s. ESet is just ahead of the curve on a-v.

One can always discuss the need of this or that. Some people claim that they haven’t had any virus for years, despite system setups without any AV protection at all. It’s not difficult to understand, for me. But we all have different views on this. Soya has no antivirus at all (correct me if I’m wrong), and me, I only have BOClean right now but it varies a lot. Sometimes I try CAVS, sometimes Avira, sometimes Avast. But I never feel insecure enough to buy NOD32, Kaspersky or whatever, just because they score well in tests. Avira also scores very well, and I doubt that there is a big difference between the paid version and the free version.

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I would like to know which free antivirus solution that security experts would recommend (it must work with Vista). I have CFP v3 as well as BOClean, WinPatrol and TeaTimer. These are my realtime protections, I’ve also a number of on-demand scanners. I’ve had problems with Avira AntiVir so I’ll probably have to switch (time well served, buddy), so in a way I hope AntiVir is not the best free antivirus product. Please tell me which you would recommend (also in consideration to the other programs I mentioned).

Thank you very much.

well if you had problems with avira which is very highly rated maybe try avast very good free antivirus or you could try avg free not as good as avira and avast(my opinion).

may i ask what problem did you have with antivir?
let’s wait for CAVS 3 :■■■■

Maybe it’s all because of the “tea timer”? sounds so very British to me. maybe it’s after eight right now?

If you wouldn’t use any progs at all, they would never be able to conflict.

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Continue using Avira and CPF 3.

Try to add the others carefully. Step by step, you know?

Maybe by using this ol’ hag of a free install watcher?

And don’t forget to take it easy:)

For my Vista Ultimate laptop I use Avast. It seems to play well with BOClean, CFP 3, Spybot S&D, and Sandboxie. I’ve had it running this combo since CFP 3 was released with no conflicts.


AntiVir is certainly the best free AV out there,it detects the most malware simple as.Perhaps you could give some more details of the issues you’re having,it’s a bit vague?

I also say Avira AntiVir is my favourite, but Avast! is also great, and AVG is pretty okay.
Avast! got boot-time scanning, which is pretty nice.


I agree that the boot-time scanning feature of Avast is great,a few more vendors should incorporate that.

I was wondering, is there any need for WinPatrol and TeaTimer if you have Defense+ running?
Doesn’t Defense+ check all the registry entries watched by these two programs, plus a lot more?

That’s quite correct,there’s a lot of overlap between WinPatrol and TeaTimer and I’d reckon that Defence+ covers everything the other two do.