Best firewall I have used

I would like to thank everyone at Comodo for having a such product. I am dealing with one of the best hackers in the would. Name and address removed by moderator and to be honest she is being paid very well to hack me.  
Your program works great it is taking me sometime to remember some of what I used to know but it is easy to configure. Ten years ago I was a CCNP, MCSE and a lot of other certs. I have worked on Checkpoit hardware and F5 and I believe your product can do just as well for the average user. 
My hacker is hooked in the system with a packet sniffer so your fire wall can only do so much. But as you have noticed she has had no problem trying to hack in to Comodo. I am not sure if it is comodo that is trying to download a 120mb file but she is doing a good job of trying to rederict it.  This is the 3rd time it has downloaded. SHe redirects most of my http traffic and hachs through SSL v3 with easy. I have been runing a packet capturre for a very long time and to be honest I am amazed at what she is doing.
She worked for a company in Bangkok that contracted work for Akamai Technologies and I believe she still has a admin user name and password. about 90% of the major sites use them to deploy software updates like facebook. But she has many skills.
I was wondering is this is a chance for you to enhance your product. If i say online she will fine every bug in your system. I would be happy to try and help you in any way i can. But she has deleted all my email accounts and chances are she will bock this fourm. but leave a message on the form if there is anything i can do thanks for a great product

Sounds crazy. I hate such ppl. They all should get arrested.

Anyway the prob with any security is that it will always have bugs no matter what and hackers can always get around. Comodo will improve the security product in version 6. Let’s see.

You know a bit too much about someone who would be an omnipotent hacker. Gender, income, name, work place, abillities. That doesnt make sense at all.

You should ask yourself just one question: How is someone able to intercept your traffic?

-Wlan secure?
-Go to your service provider and switch to non-static IP addresses.
-Someone is hooked in the system with a packet sniffer… Well, remove it.

Or are you just in contact with a wanna be who tells you stupid stuff to be amazing, at least for one person in the world?
Maybe you installed a remote tool one day. Or another simple possibillity.

It is so unlikely that someone learns to “hack”, and then gets paid well to hack a low value target, while revealing such personal informations to that target.

The “story” stinks.

Run scans with malwarebytes antimalware free, and emsisoft (a-squared) free. Something is on your machine.
IF someone could get through security like butter, this person would rather enter a bank.

When you have two hard drives, wipe one totally, unplug the other one. Then make an operation system on the empty one (masterbootsector clean too), and wait … i think, you will wait long :wink:

it seems to be a constant cat and mouse game doesnt it.
being ahead of the malware authors.
Who is ahead of whom?
I totally agree that all software has its little downfalls and thankfully comodo is always on top of correcting any it finds in its software. :slight_smile:

Your fire wall I great. This is an up date to my hacking problem. I found that the hacker was gaining access to Taskeng.exe and taskhost.exe. From there she was opening a tunnel in WAN Mini port and from there she did what ever she wanted and she did make some big problems. I believe she gained access from either spoofing, spoofing DNS, Spoofing all of Comodos ip address and domain names hell she would spoof anything. I could watch her try to add her scripts to most updates.

How I finely slowed her down was disabled taskhost,and taskeng. I also made registry changes to make it harder I added TcpMaxDataRetransmissions TcpMaxDupACKs to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSetServices\Tcpip\Parameters key.
Then I added HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
Edit the ArpRetryCount value, type 0, and then click OK.
If it does not exist create of type REG_DWORD

Then I

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. Locate and then click the following key in the registry:
  3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
  4. Type KeepAliveTimeout, and then press ENTER.
  5. On the Edit menu, click Modify.
  6. Type the appropriate time-out value (in milliseconds), and then click OK. For example, to set the time-out value to two tenths on a min, type 100.
  7. Restart Internet Explorer.

The short keep alive ■■■■■■■ her up good.

I disable a lot of standard services and only allow out bound access through port 443 except for a few apps. It appears to work for now but I am sure she will find a way in. I also only use crome for the internet now because it is all ssl. I run Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 when ever my computer is on. Since I found out about the WAN mini port I run two copies one for the nic and one for wan mine port and isatap. I am sure some of the things will cause me problems over time but I will fix them as I go. Thanks

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Ok, “someone” is able to spoof everything, like you say,
and the best “target” after these efforts is…

And instead of reinstalling your operation system, or cleaning the hard drive, you get into registry stunts.
And WORST OF ALL, it rules your life.
Erase it, and live on.

Listen, you have something on your system, or on your router. You can run any antivirus and firewall like you want… it will not help.
YOU have to remove this threat.