Best Firefox Weather Forecast Add-On

Which one ???

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I use ForecastFox.
It’s stable and unobtrusive.
Deep & Configurable.
And still informative at the same time.

That’s what I first used on my work PC, but when I had to switch to my work laptop, I came to find others and that confused me (wasn’t sure if Forecastfox was the one I had ;D)

Why don’t you check out their screen and compare them with your lappie installation then

I like ForecastFox, because it’s stay on FF’s statusbar and won’t annoy me with something stupid.

That’s exactly why I liked it on the first PC. I don’t need to check out the others. I’ll take your word for it as the best. That and it has a perfect 5-star rating from 360 reviews.

Yes, those stars won’t lie…
Except Ganda’s stars :smiley:

The only way something like that will ever be unreliable is if 90% of those reviews were created by Ganda under disguised for each account.

:smiley: Ha…Ha…Ha…
You got that right