best firefox extension ever (imho): Scrapbook!

I know many users in this forum use Firefox. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded an extension called Scrapbook [ at ] :

Well I find it absolutely amazing. It lets you store web pages, put them in folders (with the main ScrapBook folder located anywhere you want on your hard disk), and even edit the web page that you want to keep before saving it. It therefore includes great tools, like an eraser to remove elements you’re not interested in, also to avoid cluttering your partition with useless adds or what ever.
Once saved all these pages appear in a Firefox sidebar with a tree of folders. Brilliant. there’s even a manual available as pdf download on the developer’s web site:

The same developer makes the TabScope extension, that gives Firefox an equivalent tab preview as in the latest version of Opera:

hope people here will be intesrested. Enjoy!


I second that! It’s simply great! Being using if for sometime!
But the only drawback you need scrapbook extension to open the files! So the mobility is reduced unless everybody starts using it like (AdBlock or NoScript) :slight_smile: